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Bike Local Chicago is a new initiative motivated by a desire to promote local, independently owned businesses, a love of Chicago, biking, fun, & food. One of my favorite independently owned lunch spots Second City Subs R.I.P. recently closed and it made me realize that I wanted to do something to promote independently owned, local businesses around Chicago. Drawing inspiration from my parents (who are small business owners in Beverly), Chainlink.org, Harry Wray, the recent CHIRP Radio record crawl, (especially these days) Bike Winter, and Neighborhood Bike Tours. I thought it would be a fun idea to do tours of local businesses every third Sunday of the month.

Here is an example of the kind of event I would like to bring to fruition.

Tour de Pizza- It will take something very special to convince people to come on a bike tour in the middle of January and I hope that pizza is that very special thing. A slice from at least 6 different independently owned pizza places will literally give riders a taste of the local flavor. The idea is to provide a fun, filling Sunday afternoon as well as promotion for these local gems.

Stay posted!